Corporate Responsibility

Being a good corporate citizen and operating with integrity is central to how we do business. We help build economies and communities globally.

Strengthening Communities

Financial Capability

We focus on identifying and creating products and services to help underserved households grow savings, improve credit, and build assets, thus increasing their financial security.

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Economic Growth

We provide opportunities for youth and adults to better compete in the global economy by supporting initiatives to help them acquire knowledge and skills for employment.

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Employee Engagement and Volunteerism

We promote volunteerism by offering opportunities to help non-profits, providing grants, and matching gifts for employees’ chosen charities.

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New Skills at Work

Our program is a $250 million worldwide initiative to provide jobseekers with skills training, giving them the opportunity to compete and prosper in the global economy.

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Global Cities

This initiative aims to equip business, civic and government leaders with information and policy ideas they need to help their municipalities thrive in the global economy.

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Social Finance

Launched in 2007, we invest our capital and provide advice to serve the growing market for impact investments with the aim of generating a positive impact and financial return.

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Environmental Sustainability

Principles Guiding our Business

Balancing non-financial factors, such as environmental and social issues with financial priorities, is fundamental to risk management and the core of corporate responsibility.

Sustainability through Business

With rapid population growth, water scarcity and a changing climate, we think meeting the global energy, infrastructure and other societal needs will boost the economy long-term.

Sustainability in our Operations

Our direct environmental impact stems from the operation of our buildings, branches and data centers. We strive to manage our footprint in an efficient and sustainable manner

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Diversity is a cornerstone of our global corporate culture, and we continue to build upon it through a variety of programs and initiatives.

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To reach our goal of being the best financial services firm in the world, we are committed to creating an open and dynamic workplace.

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Human Rights

We support fundamental principles of human rights across all our lines of business and in each region of the world in which we operate.

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